I'm not sure, is this for me?

Do you:

- have 10 mins per day?

- want and are you willing to apply small changes weekly to get where you want?

- have a slot weekly to receive a 30minute-1hour call?

- want to be able to be an independent person in the long run with these changes?

- have a mobile

- have hands

Still unsure?

Book a 30minute call to see if this program is a good fit for you.

What will I need to prepare?

You'd need to have a small journal and a pen you can carry about & perhaps a measured water bottle.

What no shaker bottle? 

I know someone who might benefit from this!

If you are an existing client or a past trial batch client get your friend to mention you, and we'll be sure to thank you.

How long will it take for me to see and feel changes?

It varies from person to person, some people progress faster due to their body responding naturally faster, some people progress well but slower due to other limiting factors. Remember that everyone has their own pace, but as long as you are dedicated to applying the habits you commit to and they become natural to you to do - results will show. Stay patient.