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woman 9

"As easy as it sounds '80% diet, 20% exercise' before this program I always had trouble committing to healthy eating. I am more aware of my body needs and food portions/intake now. Chris is very knowledgeable, and I am really glad to have met her. She is my Health and fitness guru to look for if I have any doubts/questions. I am sure she can be yours to!

 Thank you Chris! 

Wei Ling

man 5

“Started this programme just a few weeks before the end of the year. And it has made a lot of difference to my life. More conscious of my food intake and my exercise. Helps that Chris really listen to you and guides u along the way. If you wanna make some changes, rest assured that Chris will be there for ya!”

Dinesh S

woman 7

"Workouts are tough but rewarding and Christiane is great with adjusting moves / routines to each person's strengths and weaknesses. She can also help to create personalized and sustainable meal plans*!"​


woman 9

"Chris is super helpful and understanding person that guided me along the program. She educates me how to eat well balance meals, what is the portions and nutrition I need for each meal. Other than weekly follow up my body changes, she is also very generous in sharing her nutrition knowledge to me. I loved most this program is that it is not about skip the meals or meals replacement, it is about a healthy *makan* lifestyle. Thanks Chris! "

Ying Ying

man 5

"Chris is really very patient and motivates me along the way.. From someone who dislike veggies and water in the past , to now after weeks being in the program, i begin to learn more about the nutritions of my food intake and starts to eat Well-balanced meals and drinking lots of water too!! And its great to see that i am losing some weight by eating in a healthier way"


woman 7

Chris has been super cool and helpful towards helping me become a healthier individual!

This program has helped me become more conscious of my eating habits. After 6 weeks on this program, I now consume more yummy vegetables, drink more water and generally feel that my well-being has improved.

This program is especially cool because it encourages you to eat real food, and isn't like the others where they try to hard-sell you pills and meal replacements. I benefited from the program because of Chris's enthusiasm and passion to make a change with this program, and i believe you would too!


woman 9

"Christiane has been really helpful and very good in educating me to identify the different food types and what will suit me the best. After the program i am committed to continue to drink more water, control my intake of carbs, prepare prep meals better"


man 5

"Started this programme a few months back and it has changed the way I eat. Christiane is very encouraging to me and helping me to choose my food wisely. Now, I've learnt about the different types of food that will benefit me and what I should eat in smaller portions."


woman 7

"Chris is such a sweet and understanding person to work with! She was so helpful and very detailed person. During the program, I learn a lot from her and understand more about myself and my habits. Now my lifestyle have changed because of her and I'm thankful for that."